Pancake and Maple Syrup Fundraiser at the Applecreek Farms Sugar Shack on Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 12pm to 3pm! All are welcome! Directions here.

Educating covenant children to be kingdom citizens

Board and Committees

Board of Directors

Mr. Dave Koning (President and Chair)
Mr. Chris DeBoer (Vice-President and Vice-Chair)
Mrs. JoAnne Ostermeier (Secretary)
Mr. Andrew Douma (Treasurer)
Mr. Jon Vandenbos (Promotion and League)
Mrs. Kristen Bartels (Custodial Committee and Uniforms Committee)
Mr. Ryan Schotsman (Building Committee)
Mrs. Rolean Tamminga (Transportation Committee and Vouchers Committee)

Education Committee

Mr. Henry Prinzen (Chair)
Mrs. Kristen Bartels (Corresponding Secretary)
Mr. Caleb Smid (Recording Secretary)
Mrs. Denise Huizing
Mrs. Chandra Vanderboom
Mr. Chris DeBoer (Board Liaison)

Finance Committee

Mr. Andrew Douma (Treasurer)
Mr. Stuart Vermeulen

League Delegates

Mr. Jon Vandenbos
Mrs. Chandra Vanderboom

Promotion Committee

Mr. Jon Vandenbos (Board Liaison)
Mrs. Breanne Wieske (Ancaster)
Mr. Rob Wieske (Ancaster)
Mr. Tom Schotsman (Rehoboth)
Mrs. Emily Dykstra (Trinity)
Mr. Gary Smid (Trinity)
Mr. Shawn Strating (Trinity)

Transportation Committee

Mr. Aaron DeBoersap
Mrs. Rolean Tamminga
Mr. Rob Wieske

Building Committee

Mr. Gregg Vandenberg (Chair)
Mr. Mark Aasman
Mr. Scott DeBoer
Mr. Justin Schutten
Mr. Shawn Strating
Mr. George Tamminga
Mr. Ryan Schotsman (Board Liaison)

Library Committee

Mrs. Tessa Malda (Chair)
Mrs. Tamara den Hollander
Mrs. Patti Mans
Mrs. Melissa Strating
Mrs. Melanie Beijes
Mrs. Denise Huizing (Education Committee Liaison)

Voucher Committee

Mrs. Jackie Smid (Chair)
Mrs. Tanya DeJager (Banking)
Mrs. Jessica Bartels (Caledonia Rep)
Mrs. Kerri Bartels (Ancaster Rep)
Mrs. Carolyn Vanderwoude (Mount Hope Rep)
Mr. Tim Hutten (Advisor)
Mrs. Rolean Tamminga (Board Liaison)

I.T. and Website Committee

Mr. Arie den Hollander (Chair)
Mr. Jon Malda
Mr. Josh Sieders

Uniform Committee

Mrs. Kristen Bartels (Board Liaison)
Mrs. Amanda DeBoer
Mrs. Shelley Vandenbos
Mrs. Joanna Wieske

Custodial Committee

Mrs. Kristen Bartels
Mrs. Natalie Koning
Mrs. Ashley Wieske